Heal Your Hurt & You Will Heal Your Life

One of the most difficult things people deal with is being hurt. Hurt feelings can rob is of so many of GOD’s blessings. The hurt you try to hide from others, will keep you away from GOD’s blessings. Before you can move forward in your life, you must take the hurt out. Before you can move on with any aspect of your life successfully, you have to deal with the hurt. You don’t want to build your life upon a shaky foundation of hurt. If you do , it’ll distort your decisions and everything else in your life; how you see things will be distorted; it will make you bitter ; you’ll be stuck in your life, and you’ll begin to think other people are just like those who have hurt you. Just because someone hurt you, doesn’t mean you have to receive and walk in that hurt. We must stop finding our point of reference in our past. — Chaplain Erika D. Seaborn

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